Yes, when spring fills the air, when the whirling rain falls gently on the mountains, magical sheen of mist caps off the Himalayas, magic happens in the Himalayas with the mystique of Darjeeling tea. The virgin land of north east India with the sheer promise of its superb geographical diversity, delimited by regal mountains, lush green vegetation and meandering rivers produces the most sought after Darjeeling Tea – the popular drink of India. At Subodh Brothers we carefully short list the Darjeeling tea gardens based on past performance to offer you the ultimate procurement solutions for your growing tea business. As the most sought after Tea exporters India , at Subodh Brothers we procure a host of different teas such as – Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, Black or Green, Organic tea and much more. Based on the cornerstone of trust, commitment and credibility we stand as the reliable Organic Tea Manufacturers and Tea exporters India to inspire and delight you.

Who are we ?

As one of the leading Tea dealers and exporters India since 1923, at Subodh Brothers we offer state of the art blends, which are customized from selected gardens and reflects the rich flavor of Darjeeling and Assam. We have India Organic NPOP Certification and our teas are packed with utmost care and under strict quality control.

What we do?

We stand tall as the Organic Tea manufacturers and Tea exporters India. To offer you nothing but the best we walk those extra miles to find the very best Assam tea, Darjeeling tea and the wide array of black, oolong tea, scented teas and Organic tea from India at a competitive rate. Yes, we cater to your specific requirements to match the blends to perfection, at very reasonable prices.

Our Services

Tea came to the west, shrouded in the mystery and romanticism of the Mystic East and at Subodh Brothers, we have carried the very concept of ‘tea’ to the next level of perfection. As the organic tea exporters, we source traditional, handmade Oolong tea, Muscatel Darjeeling tea and share these with the tea aficionado.